Mastering CSS: Video Course on it’s Way!

June 7, 2015

Over the last 10 months I've been spending most week night evenings creating a video course, entitled Mastering CSS, which will be published through Packt Publishing.

The thing that I’m most proud of about this video course is its rarely conceptual instead being highly pragmatic. We build a website from pretty much nothing and go in to detail about how each component of the site gets built. For instance, I walk through step by step exactly how a primary level navigation thats fully responsive with drop-down menus is built. This starts with creating an unordered list, structuring CSS in the most efficient way, building the drop down menu using css animations, and then transforming the menu with CSS using the same html for smaller devices (i.e. hiding the menu on mobile and accessing it via an icon that reveals the menu).

Here’s all the videos:

It should be released through Packt later this month or next, when it does I’ll post the link to it on Packt Publishing’s site and the sample video.

Mastering CSS: Book by Rich Finelli
Mastering CSS, the Book! Flexbox, Layout, Animations, Responsive, Retina, and more!
Mastering CSS, 2nd Edition, video course by Rich Finelli
Mastering CSS, Second Edition: 47 videos on how to make websites like a boss! Flexbox, Animations, Responsive, Retina, and more!
  • MichaelR

    I know this is an old post, but I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your Packt course. It’s not my first run through with CSS courses, but yours is the first one who’s concepts actually have stuck with me. I love the way you provide logical context about various ways of approaching solutions in CSS. I find that I can actually think in CSS now, if that makes any sense. And, now that I found your blog, I will be following it too!

    • Rich

      Awesome to hear! Thanks!

  • nesa

    Our company is paying for Safaribooksonline and I am following the `LEARNING PATH: CSS: MASTERING WEB DESIGN WITH CSS3 SELECTORS` course but I cannot find the source files to download, I requested on Packt and there was no response. Finding it difficult to create the files myself as they changes massively video by video and I am almost lost. The series are for 2017. Where can I get the source files? Thanks

    • Rich

      The first chapter on mastering CSS is mine and the code files can be found here:

      The second chapter on css3 sectors is done by someone else, Ben Fhala.

      • nesa

        Hi Rich, thank you so much for getting back to me. The series are a great source and I am certainly learning a lot. Thanks for the link, you are awesome 🙂

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