Rich Finelli


Hi, my name is Rich.

I’m a front end web developer and designer living in Piscataway, NJ. I build modern websites using HTML5, CSS, and Javascript.

I'm all about Responsive Web Design.

I'm an iPhone!
I'm an iPad!
I'm an iMac!

I build stuff for the internet.

Here are some of my favorites:

Game of Thrones Ipsum

Game of Thrones Ipsum

A silly and fun lorem ipsum generator based on the languages in the universe of A Game of Thrones.

Rock Paper Scissors Battle!

Rock Paper Scissors Battle!

I put a new spin on a classic game – rock, paper, scissors – created from scratch using Javascript, HTML5, and CSS. Also uses LocalStorage to remember your name and progress, and Firebase to store and display high scores!

Mastering CSS

Mastering CSS

A website for my Mastering CSS video course published thru Packt Publishing. HTML5, Sass/CSS3, jQuery, Responsive, Retina

The Roman Foodie

The Roman Foodie

Web design, HTML5/CSS3, Responsive

Mark Systems’ Executive Roundtable

Mark Systems’ Executive Roundtable

Visual & UX Design, Content Strategy, HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, Responsive

The Advanced CSS Class

The Advanced CSS Class

Visual design, HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, Responsive

I teach web design.

I teach web design at Mercer County Community College focusing on the fundamentals like HTML and CSS.

The Box Model
I'm used for presentations!

True Story: I love Sass.


Sublime Text 3, Wordpress, Grunt, Photoshop, Illustrator


Responsive Web Design, User Experience, HTML5, SASS, jQuery, Git, Presentations, Teaching, Project Management


Family, running, country music, web design, coffee, beer, and really long walks on the beach...

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